Stylish Ideas For Decorating With Photos

People love to display their photos, whether of friends and family, cherished vacations or art snapshots. However, unless you're in a college dorm, placing frameless photos on the wall is probably not the most stylish way to go. Instead, choose your best snaps and have them custom framed. After that, consider the ideas below for how best to display your framed photos.

Photo Solo

The most classic way to display a framed photo is by displaying a single frame. This approach works best if you have a large frame, either for a collage or a blown up print. Choose a smallish wall and center the frame at eye-height. Avoid long walls, as this will dwarf your solo photo.


Pairing two photos is another classic. It's also an excellent way to add symmetry to a room. For this effect, it's necessary to have two photos framed identically. Ideally the two pictures should also have some connection. When hanging the twin photos, place them side by side with little to no space in between.

Frame Cluster

For larger walls, clustering frames together transforms the area into a focal point. Frames don't have to be the same, but it works best if there's some similarity. For instance, you can have your photos framed simply in analogous colors. A larger photo should serve as the center with smaller frames clustered around in random order. Experiment with placement on the floor before you commit with nails in the wall.

Framed Frames

Another way to take up large spaces of wall is by adding trim. The concept is similar to the frame cluster in that the frames can be different sizes but should be somehow similar. With this design, though, hang the frames on the wall equidistant apart. Install trim directly to the wall as an additional frame to your photos, almost as if the wall was acting as the mat to the picture. Choose trim in a color complementary to the rest of your décor.

Mantle Tableau

Similar to the frame cluster, a tableau on the mantle calls for using more than one framed photo. Better Homes and Gardens suggests adding greenery to make the look fresh. For the tableau, select three or four framed photos. Arrange them across the mantle, but let them overlap slightly. Place a bowl of greenery slightly off-center to the biggest frame. Include a vase with clippings off to the side, and add any other curios that fit the palette and decoration style.

For more information about custom picture framing, contact Hoosier Highlander or a similar company.