Setting Up A Whimsical Wedding Venue In Your Own Backyard

If you are planning on a wedding and want to host it in your own backyard, try some tips that will help you transform the space into a whimsical wedding venue. A yard can be a perfect spot for a wedding, and there are some clever ways to utilize the natural surroundings to create a beautiful event space.

Some ways to add wonder and whimsy to your backyard wedding venue include:


Change the entire mood and feeling of your yard with clever lighting features. Be sure to have something low-to-the-ground to prevent tripping or stumbles, especially for evening affairs. Solar stake-lights work well. Or consider some of the following ideas.

  • Illuminate your entire yard with beautiful indoor chandeliers. Have an electrician wire in the lights safely, so that the lights cast a warm glow over your whole wedding space.
  • Suspend pendant lights from tree branches or fencing in your yard. Battery-operated options are the easiest -- and the safest, too.
  • Skip the real fire and go with flame-less candles for your tables, sconces, and pool. Invest in different sizes and shapes to fit your various needs. Hanging candle lanterns provide the perfect mood for a wedding. Find hanging candle lanterns for sale online.


Where will all the guests sit? You can make a call to a party rental company and get chairs that will accommodate your guests, or you can elect to rent more conversational furniture such as sectionals and ottomans, for a more informal event. Another perk is that most rental companies will set up whatever furniture that you rent from them.


Build an astonishing altar for the couple to say "I do" under; even a simple bentwood altar becomes magical and transforms a wedding space. If you really want to get fancy, wrap your altar in tulle and ribbon for a dreamy, romantic effect. Before you construct your altar, plan on where you will be putting it, which direction it should face, and how big it needs to be; choose materials for your altar that mix well with the natural surroundings of your yard.


Put some thought into the simple things at your backyard wedding; for instance, pay attention to the colors of the natural surroundings and echo this throughout your venue. Use glass and crystals to reflect the light and make your yard seem magical.

There are so many ways that you can transform a simple yard into a beautiful and serene wedding venue. Try these tips to make your yard the perfect spot for a day that will always be remembered!