Let A Custom Graduation Stole Say It All

Graduation is an exciting time! Graduation can be from an institution of higher learning, high school, a two year degree, or a trade school. Graduation can even be your child's first step from kindergarten up to first grade! Whatever the reason, you want that graduation to be memorable and special.

One great way to commemorate a graduation is to have something by which to remember it. Whether you are planning the graduation for an entire kindergarten class or buying something for your loved one to remember the event, a custom graduation stole can say everything that you want to say, and then some.

Customizing Your Stole

Graduation stoles hang around your neck and down the front of your graduation gown. There is a lot of visible space for you to put something to make a great keepsake. What are some of your customization options?

  • Choose your color:  stoles come in many different colors. You can pick one color or multiple colors; many people like to have a darker color edged in a lighter color, such as white or yellow
  • Pick your size: stoles are not one-size-fits-all; make sure to specify the right size so your special someone can actual wear it!
  • Choose your custom text:  Make sure to include that special message that makes it memorable! You can put text on the front of the stole and a hidden message, or initials, on the back. You have a plethora of text options, so make sure to look at all of the fonts!

Other Considerations

Since many institutions have standard colors for the school or different colors mean different things on stoles, make sure to check with your graduate's institution before you order a stole. You don't want to go through all of the thought to create that special stole and then not be able to wear it!

For example, at universities, some stole colors may be reserved for special uses, such as:

  • Doctoral graduates
  • Faculty assisting with the graduation
  • Masters graduates
  • Specific honors, such as magna cum laude
  • Certain organizations, such as an honor guard, military unit, or similar type

Make sure to order in advance! Custom stoles are just how they are described…custom. You have to allow for time to receive the order, add your customizations, and time to ship. If a graduation is important enough for a custom stole, it is important enough for you to plan in advance!