Gold Presents For Young Children: 3 Tips On How To Make Your Present More Memorable

Traditionally, gold has always been a popular gift option adults give to young children. Gold is not only valuable and expected to average out at $996 per ounce in 2016, but it will continue to increase in value with time. If you're looking to buy gold investments for a young child, here are 3 ways that you can make your present stand out from the crowd.

Include the Value of Gold with the Present

There's nothing more exciting than seeing how much your investment has grown. While the recipient may not necessarily appreciate the present that you have gotten them at the moment, he or she will once they grow a bit older and see how much gold has grow in value. In fact, your gift may even teach him or her to invest money in assets that have a good chance of rising in value for the future.

To make your gift stand out, include a note that clearly states the value of gold when the gift was purchased. Although telling the recipient how much his or her gift cost is usually a bit tacky, including a price value for gold presents is a good idea, as it clearly shows growth in value.

Opt for Gold Items that Can Be Worn or Used

While gold coins and bullions are a good investment, there's a good chance that it will be left sitting in a safe for a long time. This is because gold coins and gold bullions are not practical and cannot be used on a daily basis. If you want your present to be memorable, make sure that it is an item that can be used or worn regularly.

Gold jewellery is a popular choice among consumers, as it is very practical and can be worn regularly. Choose gold jewellery that is as simple as possible, as you will need to pay extra for complicated designs. You also want to avoid purchasing jewellery with precious stones or other adornments on them. The process involved with removing these adornments in the future will impact the final selling price of the gold.

Personalize the Present

Gold is a wonderful material to work with because it can take on many shapes and designs. Personalize the present by either engraving a simple message or choosing a present that may hold a sentimental meaning to the recipient. For example, if you purchase a gold bracelet, you can get a gold charm to go with the bracelet or you can get the recipient's name engraved to the bracelet.


Buying gold as a present is a wonderful idea because the value of the present will likely increase with time. Gold presents will also last forever. For more information, contact Maine Pawn Shop or a similar location.