3 Types Of Masonic Jewelry And When To Wear Them

Buying Masonic jewelry can be especially difficult because of the many different types of jewelry out there that all have different symbols and meanings behind them. This can be even more difficult if you are not part of any Mason group and are unfamiliar with the practices but want to buy a piece of jewelry for a loved one that believes in and partakes in Freemasonry. Listed below are three types of masonic jewelry and when to use them.

Mason Ring

One of the most common pieces of Masonic jewelry is the Masonic ring. While this ring is not necessary, many Masons choose to wear one to commemorate the fact that they have reached Master Mason status and to show a connection to their brother Masons. 

Now, one of the most common questions that many people who buy Mason rings have is how the ring should be worn. The confusion comes from the fact that the symbol has two compass legs on it and many people are not sure if the legs of the compass should point toward or away from the wearer. However, since the ring is a gift to the wearer, it should be worn so that the symbol looks correct to the wearer when looking at the ring with the legs of the compass pointed toward the wearer. 

Past Master Pin

Another type of Masonic jewelry that you can consider as a gift for yourself or a loved one is a Past Master pin. A Past Master pin is meant to show that you or your loved one had been a Worshipful Master in one of the lodges in the past. A Worshipful Master is typically the highest ranking and most senior member of a lodge and will handle much of the business and will preside over any rituals or ceremonies that the member of the lodge will perform. 

In general, you will not want to wear a Past Master pin until after your tenure as a Worshipful Master has come to an end. In addition to Past Master pins, you can also wear a ring to signify your Past Master status.

Antique Jewelry

Finally, antique Mason jewelry is a great idea for a Mason mostly because the older pieces of Masonic jewelry will often have quite beautiful and intricate craftsmanship. In addition, antique Masonic jewelry can give you or your loved one that is a part of the Masons, a connection and link to the long and interesting history of the Freemasons by wearing a ring or pin that was worn by previous Masters and Worshipful Masters in the past.

Contact a jewelry store today in order to discuss their range of Masonic jewelry or to discuss having a custom piece made for yourself or a loved on. Mason rings are appropriate for anyone who has achieved Master Mason status while Past Master pins are a great way to show that someone once held the highest rank in his or her Mason lodge.