Create A Lasting Memento From Your Hawaiian Trinkets And Souvenirs

When you come back from your vacation, do you often feel that you don't really have anything meaningful to show for it? Use the trinkets, shells, and mementos from your journey to create a lasting keepsake that will remind you of the sandy beaches and salty surf long after you have returned home. Try one of the following suggestions to recapture those priceless moments from your trip:

Invest in a shadowbox. A shadowbox is a frame that is designed to hold objects and items that wouldn't typically fit in a regular picture frame. These are perfect for displaying shells, beads, and even a handful of sand from your vacation. Hang your shadowbox on a wall so that others can see where you have been!

Create a collage. Enlist your kids to help create a collage of photos, postcards, and tickets from your vacation. Use a large piece of poster-board as the base and attach your items with double-sided tape. Consider laminating your work of art at a local printing shop to keep it intact for years to come.

Do something with your shells. If you visit Hawaii, you may come home with a few unique and lovely seashells. Instead of tossing these aside, fill a clear glass vase with your shells to display them. These will also hold stems of fresh flowers in place for an arrangement or floral bouquet.

Start a collection. Before you head out to Hawaii, consider something that you might pick up to begin a cool collection. For some, this may be a small collectible spoon, a mug, or even a thimble; use this as a guide when shopping on vacation. Begin collecting this item on all of your trips and excursions and before long, you will have a respectable display that pays homage to your family's travels.

Seek out some practical souvenirs. Instead of buying things like toys or souvenirs that really don't have a purpose once you arrive home, seek out some useful, utilitarian types of items to bring back. Each time that you use these things, you will be reminded of your fun vacation. Some great items that make practical souvenirs include:

  • Fabrics.
  • Towels.
  • Apparel.
  • Local art.
  • Spices.

Don't stick your photos, shells, and souvenirs in a drawer or tuck them away after your vacation. Instead, create one of these lasting displays to recapture the fun and adventure of your trip to Hawaii. 

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