Still Have A Ton Of Jewelry From Your Ex Spouse? Cash In On It

If you have recently gotten divorced and you have a ton of jewelry from your past spouse, you can make some money by getting rid of it. There is no reason why you have to look at all the memories every time you go to get ready for a night out, and you may be surprised at the value of your collection. There are a few different ways you can get rid of the jewelry, but it's important to know how much the items are worth before you sell them. Here are a few things to consider.

Get Every Piece Appraised

Take all the items you want to a jewelry store and have them appraised by a jeweler. This way you'll know what you could sell them for you tried to sell them as individual pieces, and what the value of the stones or gold is. You want to know what the size and clarity of each stone is, and ask for documentation of the inspections. The jewelry store may offer to buy some of the pieces from you to sell in the store.

Find a Gold and Jewelry Buyer

There are many jewelry stores and gold and jewel buyers, such as The Jackels Collection of Beverly Hills, that look for used jewelry that people no longer want. They will often pay you for the weight of the gold or silver, and for the individual stones. They don't want pieces that look outdated or that they couldn't sell, so you may get the most for the piece if you sell the metal and the stones separately. If you have the pieces appraised in advance you will know if you're getting a fair price from the buyer.

List on Online Classified Sites

Take clear pictures of the items and list them on online classified sites. There may be people in your local area that want to purchase the items to add to their collection, or to give as a gift. Even engagement rings and wedding bands are sold this way.

If you don't want to have a single piece of jewelry that you want to keep from your ex, and it's just sitting at your house collecting dust, it's time to see what amount of cash you can get. You can use the money to go and get a new piece of jewelry for yourself, or you can pocket the money and save it to recover from the costs of divorce.