How To Impress With Dollar Store Gifts That Don't Seem Cheap

Whether your budget allows for $5 or $20 "cheap" gifts, you can rely on your local dollar store. By assembling several items in a creative way, you can put together a gift that won't make you look like a scrooge.

Bath Goodies Basket

Dollar stores have a bevy of bath and body products to pamper anyone, male or female. If you're running particularly low on cash, grab a cute little basket and fill it with a few items such as bath beads, lotions, soaps, and toss in a loofa, scrubbie or foot and nail brush to make bath time special. Don't forget the body spray or aftershave to make them smell their best.

Crafty Cache

If you know someone who loves crafts, you can really make their day with very little money. A wide variety of crafting items, such as scissors, decals, printables, stencils, paints, glitter, ribbons and boxes await you down every aisle. Grab a pretty gift bag and fill it with all the supplies your giftee will love to use to create their own home decor or gifts for others. If they already have enough supplies, give them some organizational goodies such as desk organizers, baskets, shoe boxes or a plastic fishing gear box to hold small items like beads or sewing supplies.

Snack Stash

A snack stash is especially welcome to someone who is homebound with an injury or illness. Hospital patients also welcome a break from dull hospital food, but be sure it's allowed in their diet first. Fill a cute reusable shopping bag with every imaginable kind of chips, candy, drinks, crackers and other goodies. Toss in a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste with a reminder to brush after eating and maybe a pretty cup or glass to drink out of. Tie it all up with a fancy bow, and you have a great gift for your ailing friend for very little money.

Kitchen Essentials

If you know someone moving out on their own for the first time, such as a college student moving into their first apartment, they will really appreciate a gift of kitchen supplies. Find out what they have already, and go above and beyond that with items like cheese or egg slicers, a pizza cutter, funnels, whisks, measuring spoons and strainers. Plastic storage containers are always popular, as are plastic utensils, paper plates and disposable cups for having guests over. While you're at it, toss in some plastic storage and garbage bags.