Bringing Back The Trends Of The Eighties To Wow Your Former Classmates

If you are a male who had graduated in the eighties, and you are planning to attend a class reunion in the near future, consider sporting some fashion flashbacks from your high school days to impress your former classmates. Wearing some throwback attire from the era will impress your comrades with a bit of nostalgia while making you stand out from the plain duds others will be wearing. Here are a few ideas to try when going "all out" with an eighties-inspired look for your class reunion.

Every Girl Is Crazy About A Sharp Dressed Man

The eighties were known for mixing the look of business attire with casual pieces. Bring out your inner Miami Vice look with a polished sports jacket accompanied by a comfortable pair of white or tan slacks. Allow a bright-colored dress shirt to peek out from under a solid dark jacket, or go bold with a prominent colored jacket over a solid white or black shirt and pants. Skip the tie for the ultimate eighties look.

We Are The Champions, My Friend

Back in the day, professional basketball ruled weekend and prime-time hours on television. If you wish to bring back the look of athleticism, consider sporting trends from athletes that were in the spotlight at the time. Instead of needing to sift through thrift stores for older clothing, opt to purchase a pair of men's retro Jordan sneakers to give your feet the same look the star wore during the decade. A pair of gym pants and a muscle shirt along with a sweatband will instantly remind others of the big players during those years. You will be ready to hit the dance floor in style and will not need to worry about sore feet at the end of the night as you will be well-prepared for tons of movement in clothes and sneakers meant for comfort.

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

Who says you can only wear shades during night-time hours? Sunglasses were a hot commodity in the eighties, so purchase a pair to give you character as you make your rounds meeting old flames and friends at the reunion. A plain pair of driving sunglasses will suffice, giving you an instant aura of mystery as you walk into the establishment. Another option is to purchase neon-colored sunglasses for fun. Your shades can easily be removed at times you wish to dine or converse on a professional level. When the music begins, though, slip them on and strut your stuff!