Easy Ways To Spruce Up A Plain Planter Into An Eye-Catching Conversation Piece

If you wish to purchase some large flowering plants to adorn your home's property, placing them inside a planter will help protect them from weeds, pests, and trampling. Many people enjoy the appearance of large outdoor planters in their yard to bring out the beauty of the blooms within. If you wish to make your floral arrangement even more noticeable, consider making the planter stand out with one of the following easy-to-do projects.

Illuminate Your Walkway With Style

Put your flowers in the spotlight by using light to your advantage during night-time hours. Paint a plain planter with a glow-in-the-dark paint so it gives off a soft glow when the sun goes down. This can be enhanced by shining a small floodlight directly toward the planter periodically. Put this light on a timer so it can be turned off for an hour or two so those passing by your home can see your planter from afar. The light can be turned on when you wish to "recharge" the glowing feature. Paint the planter in bright colors or add your house number to the exterior so those visiting can find your home in the dark.

Add Some Whimsical Attractions

Consider bringing your planter to the attention of others by sticking in a few pinwheels directly into the soil inside. If you decide to add more than one, make sure they are different lengths to add to the visual appeal of the planter. Try adding a garden sign with your surname or a slogan printed upon it to bring a smile to the face of those visiting. An American flag can also be added if desired. 

Create A Seashell Mosaic Masterpiece

If you enjoy the look of mosaic art, use it on your planter to give it a grand new appearance. Consider making a beach-inspired planter by using seashells from trips you had taken to the beach to remind you of vacations past. Place several shells inside a plastic bag and use a hammer to break them into smaller, flat pieces. Glue the shell pieces directly to the exterior of the planter using a heavy-duty cement. After they have dried, fill in the voids between the shells with a clear lacquer. A thin layer can be brushed directly over the shells as well, helping them to stay on the planter as a result. When the lacquer hardens, the appearance will be a reminder of the beach whenever the planter is viewed.

Whatever you wish to do with your planter, you can find information on large outdoor planters online or through a local supplier.