Taking A Church Group To A Conference? 3 Reasons To Have T-Shirts Screen Printed For The Occasion

When you've made the decision to take a group of church members to a regional conference, it might seem like you're spending money for everything. However, before you leave for your trip, consider picking up some screen printed T-shirts. Screen printing is affordable and can be done quickly, but more than that, there are a number of reasons T-shirts are a great idea for a conference. Keep reading to find out why.

Keep Track of the Congregation

Whether the conference is for youth members of your church or a spiritual conference for elderly members, there are likely to be many people there from other churches and the community. Looking into a sea of people can be confusing when you're trying to find one person; you'll be trying to keep track of dozens. Having unique screen print t-shirts can help all of you find each other easily across the many rooms and halls.

Less Guesswork About Appropriate Dress

The dress code might be one way at your church, but other churches may have their own ideas about modesty and dressing appropriately for religious services. Indeed, even the conference you're attending might have provided guidance about what is acceptable and appropriate clothing. With screen printed T-shirts, everyone knows what to wear and can be reasonably sure that the T-shirts won't raise any eyebrows from other attendees or conference staff.

Publicize Your Church

Not every person attending the conference is there with a church group. There may be families, couples and single people from your area who are at the conference and have not yet joined a church. They might be looking for a church home. When they see the people from your church in their custom t-shirts, they'll first look at the design and information that you've printed on the shirts, but then they will notice the people wearing the shirts. Throughout the conference, your church members can be wonderful ambassadors seen by hundreds of people; after seeing and interacting with so many people, it is likely that you will see a renewed interest in your church from new visitors.

Heading to a conference can be an enjoyable time for both you and members of your church; screen printed T-shirts can only add to that positive experience. Now that you have a deeper understanding of how such shirts can enrich your time at the conference, seek out local retailers who can do the screen printing process for you and deliver the shirts before your trip. 

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