Planning To Buy New Collectible Figurines? Here Are Some Tips For Selling Your Old Ones

If you've amassed an assortment of collectible figurines over the years but now have the financial means to buy some higher-end collectibles, you might be thinking about selling some pieces from your old collection to raise even more money to spend on your upcoming purchases. Selling the figures online, rather than as part of a yard sale, will help them be seen by a sizable audience, thus increasing the odds that they'll sell quickly and also sell for the amount you want to get from them. There are a handful of other ways to ideally increase your earnings from these purchases. Here are some ways to accomplish this goal.

Take Photos From Each Angle

Figurine collectors are meticulous about the condition in which they keep their collections. This means that prospective buyers will want to know exactly how your items look, regardless of whether they've been removed from their original packaging or left in it. Although your product description will be useful, make sure to take photos of the item from each angle. Place your figurines in natural light before you take the photos. This will avoid shadows that could mask any issues, as well as negate the need for using your flash, which could partially wash out the image and leave questions as to an item's description.

Be Honest About Any Issues

You want your buyers to be happy with the transaction and leave you positive feedback — and you don't want to have to deal with the hassle of a product being returned because its condition wasn't clear. In your product listing, make sure to be honest about any issues. If a figurine was left in a sunny room and the figurine's colors are slightly faded, include this important detail; if an old package has yellowed a little, be honest about it.

Get Involved In An Online Community

Although simply listing your items for sale online can expose them to lots of people, you can further increase the exposure by joining an online community of collectible figurine enthusiasts. Such sites have message boards on which members share not only their passion for the hobby, but also buy and sell items from their collections. On many sites' message boards, you'll find specific threads that can be used to direct members to your online listings. As you build a rapport with people and become a trusted member of the community, more people will be curious to check out your listings — and hopefully buy some things to help give you more money for your new pieces.