Gifts Of Jewelry: Anniversary Gift Ideas Depending On The Year Celebrated

While you may want to buy diamonds for your loved one every year, you can also get creative when it comes to jewelry. There are traditional gifts to give your spouse for each year you are married, but many of these gifts have been translated into more modern ideas. For example, the traditional gift on your first anniversary is supposed to be paper, but a modern gift is that of a clock. While some of the anniversary gifts don't always make sense, many are quite practical. The years discussed are the ones that focus on jewelry, but if you aren't sure about a gift for any year, jewelry will always work.

The Tenth Anniversary

Gifts up until the tenth year are items made of china, crystal, or even wood. You may need to get creative during the first ten years, getting your loved one a beautiful pair of crystal earrings to wear. On the tenth anniversary, a modern gift is diamond jewelry. You're never going to get it wrong when you go with diamonds, but your loved one probably won't expect such a lavish gift each year. For the tenth anniversary you could get a nice earring and necklace set to remind your loved one how special they are.

The Twelfth Anniversary

The modern gift for the twelfth anniversary is jewelry made from pearls or colored gems. You will be able to find something great when you look for pearls and colored gems. You may find the perfect pair of pearl and sapphire earrings that match perfectly with your loved one's eyes. Pearls and colored gems are versatile, and you can find jewelry that utilizes these two items in any number of ways.

Jewelry Beyond the Twelfth Year

The fourteenth year anniversary is the first time that gold is mentioned. While gold may be part of other jewelry items you have purchased, you'll want this piece to showcase the beautiful gold. A nice gold bangle or gold necklace will make your loved one remember your fourteenth year together. Diamonds aren't listed again until your thirtieth anniversary, but this doesn't mean you can't sneak them in once in awhile. When you purchase your loved one jewelry, you are showing them how special they are to you. Jewelry is not a necessity, so it makes a person feel valued. Take your time to pick out the perfect anniversary gift, and your loved one will be thrilled with your choice.

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