Excessive Ear Wax Issues And How An Ear Candling Kit Can Help

Everyone's ear canals produce ear wax, which is known as cerumen in the medical field. However, some people produce more than others. Ear wax has the important job of protecting your ears from foreign particles. Also, ear wax helps to protect the ear canal from irritation due to water exposure. While ear wax is good, too much ear wax can become problematic. Many people try to clean the excess ear wax from their ears using cotton swabs, but this is not a good thing to do. This can push the wax further in the ear canal, making it harder to get out and causing other issues. You can learn more here about some problems excessive ear wax can cause and how an ear candling kit can help:

Problems that excessive ear wax can cause


One of the things that can happen when you have an excessive amount of ear wax in your ear canals is that it can become harder for you to hear. The amount of hearing loss you can experience can be significant. You won't be able to hear better until the ear wax issue has been resolved, meaning the wax has been removed. 

Swimmer's ear

While ear wax is supposed to help to protect your ear canals from water irritation, if you do get an excessive amount of water in your ears, such as when you are swimming, the ear wax can end up trapping some of it. This allows the germs in the water to cause an ear infection that's called "swimmer's ear." This is a painful condition that's treated with prescription ear drops. Getting the ear wax out can also help you to feel better. 

Dizziness and balance issues

Your sense of balance is in the middle ear. If there are issues with your middle ear, then this can affect your balance. Therefore, if you have a lot of ear wax buildup, then this can lead to you having issues with your balance, and it can cause you to become dizzy. Removing the ear wax can help to restore your proper sense of balance. 

How an ear candling kit can help

An ear candling kit comes to you with everything you need to perform ear candling. There is a candle which is a cone chapped candle with a hollow middle. The smaller end goes in your ear and there is a protective piece of paper that lies on your ear to protect it. The candle gets lit and the ear wax is warmed up and drawn into the hollow portion of the candle, removing it from your ear. You want to have someone else help you with the process. You should immediately feel relief as soon as you are done. You can unwrap the candle and see all the ear wax in the hollow portion.