3 Ring Styles To Consider For Barn Star Decor

If you want to add a simple and elegant decoration to your home, then consider barn stars. Typically made of metal, the barn stars add some depth to the exterior of a home, look patriotic, and can add some curb appeal to your property. When you shop for barn star decor online, you can find a wide range of colors and styles.

Consider a style with a ring around the outside. A barn star with a ring adds an extra design element. When you shop for barn stars with rings, you can find many design options. Check out some of the styles and ways to enhance a barn star with ring design elements.

1. Classic Ring Styles

A classic ring adds a round circle around the star. The ring touches each point of the star and adds a different visual element to the barn star design. When you purchase a barn star with a classic ring, you can attach the star by the ring and make the design easier to hang up.

The ring will typically come in the same color as the star, but you may find rings with different colors than the star to create unique design elements.

2. Ring Text Designs

Some rings extend outwards on the star to fit the text between the ring and the star. For example, you could purchase barn star decor with the word "Welcome" that goes around the ring. The text adds a fun element to the design. You may also find custom orders where you can add your own text.

For example, you could order a barn star with your family's last name on the design. Shop around to see all the different options available and ways you can really make the barn star fit your design options.

3. Double Ring Design

If you want the barn star to take up more space, then consider a double-ring design. A double ring includes a single ring around the star and then another ring spaced out after that one. The space between the rings may include design elements like smaller stars. The extra design elements could include other shapes as well.

When you shop online, read about the size of the double ring design to know exactly how big the whole finished product is. The size factor will help you understand how the barn star will look on your property.

Browse online sales to find barn stars and really transform the exterior of your home when you select barn stars with ring design elements. For more information on barn star decor, contact a professional near you.