Gifts Of Jewelry: Anniversary Gift Ideas Depending On The Year Celebrated

While you may want to buy diamonds for your loved one every year, you can also get creative when it comes to jewelry. There are traditional gifts to give your spouse for each year you are married, but many of these gifts have been translated into more modern ideas. For example, the traditional gift on your first anniversary is supposed to be paper, but a modern gift is that of a clock.

What A Pretty Penny! U.S. Copper Coins Can Enhance Your Collection

Gold and silver coins may have been the currency of kings, but the average person handled a lot of copper. Copper was easier to find than gold or silver and easy to work, so it has been shaped over the centuries into tools, jewelry, and (of course) coins. Copper coins have a particularly rich history in the United States. If you're interested in exploring U.S. coins for your collection, consider adding some of these copper pieces to your collection.