Easy Ways To Spruce Up A Plain Planter Into An Eye-Catching Conversation Piece

If you wish to purchase some large flowering plants to adorn your home's property, placing them inside a planter will help protect them from weeds, pests, and trampling. Many people enjoy the appearance of large outdoor planters in their yard to bring out the beauty of the blooms within. If you wish to make your floral arrangement even more noticeable, consider making the planter stand out with one of the following easy-to-do projects. Illuminate Your Walkway With Style

Bringing Back The Trends Of The Eighties To Wow Your Former Classmates

If you are a male who had graduated in the eighties, and you are planning to attend a class reunion in the near future, consider sporting some fashion flashbacks from your high school days to impress your former classmates. Wearing some throwback attire from the era will impress your comrades with a bit of nostalgia while making you stand out from the plain duds others will be wearing. Here are a few ideas to try when going "

How To Impress With Dollar Store Gifts That Don't Seem Cheap

Whether your budget allows for $5 or $20 "cheap" gifts, you can rely on your local dollar store. By assembling several items in a creative way, you can put together a gift that won't make you look like a scrooge. Bath Goodies Basket Dollar stores have a bevy of bath and body products to pamper anyone, male or female. If you're running particularly low on cash, grab a cute little basket and fill it with a few items such as bath beads, lotions, soaps, and toss in a loofa, scrubbie or foot and nail brush to make bath time special.

Still Have A Ton Of Jewelry From Your Ex Spouse? Cash In On It

If you have recently gotten divorced and you have a ton of jewelry from your past spouse, you can make some money by getting rid of it. There is no reason why you have to look at all the memories every time you go to get ready for a night out, and you may be surprised at the value of your collection. There are a few different ways you can get rid of the jewelry, but it's important to know how much the items are worth before you sell them.

Create A Lasting Memento From Your Hawaiian Trinkets And Souvenirs

When you come back from your vacation, do you often feel that you don't really have anything meaningful to show for it? Use the trinkets, shells, and mementos from your journey to create a lasting keepsake that will remind you of the sandy beaches and salty surf long after you have returned home. Try one of the following suggestions to recapture those priceless moments from your trip: Invest in a shadowbox.