Create A Lasting Memento From Your Hawaiian Trinkets And Souvenirs

When you come back from your vacation, do you often feel that you don't really have anything meaningful to show for it? Use the trinkets, shells, and mementos from your journey to create a lasting keepsake that will remind you of the sandy beaches and salty surf long after you have returned home. Try one of the following suggestions to recapture those priceless moments from your trip: Invest in a shadowbox.

3 Types Of Masonic Jewelry And When To Wear Them

Buying Masonic jewelry can be especially difficult because of the many different types of jewelry out there that all have different symbols and meanings behind them. This can be even more difficult if you are not part of any Mason group and are unfamiliar with the practices but want to buy a piece of jewelry for a loved one that believes in and partakes in Freemasonry. Listed below are three types of masonic jewelry and when to use them.

How Certain Video Games And Musical Instruments Go Together To Get Your Kids To Play Music

If you have ever wanted to encourage your child to play music but your child simply did not seem interested, there is a different approach you can take. Watch some of the popular video games they play sometime. There are several video game characters that play "magic" instruments that are modeled after very real instruments in this world. By opening a discussion with your child about these video game characters and the instruments the characters play, you may be able to jumpstart your child's curiosity with playing the real instruments.

What A Pretty Penny! U.S. Copper Coins Can Enhance Your Collection

Gold and silver coins may have been the currency of kings, but the average person handled a lot of copper. Copper was easier to find than gold or silver and easy to work, so it has been shaped over the centuries into tools, jewelry, and (of course) coins. Copper coins have a particularly rich history in the United States. If you're interested in exploring U.S. coins for your collection, consider adding some of these copper pieces to your collection.

Maintaining An Indoor Fountain That Is Beautiful And Beneficial

Indoor water fountains are beautiful, beneficial and fun to have around. Unfortunately, if you don't tend to it properly, the moisture from the fountain can cause damage to your furniture, flooring and walls. Instead of being beneficial, the fountain then becomes a cause of concern as that moisture could lead to mold growth and if the water isn't cared for properly, bacteria issues. Here, you will find a few ways to ensure that your indoor fountain is nothing more than beautiful and beneficial.